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A Dog's Way Home

Plus: Second Act, The Mule

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People love dogs – there’s no doubt about that – but movies about dogs, even the good ones, aren’t great. Slapping a cute pooch on a poster might sell tickets but it won’t make a mediocre movie any better. A Dog’s Way Home unsurprisingly comes from the same people behind A Dog’s Purpose, which despite strong ticket sales got very poor reviews. A Dog’s Way Home might be little different. We have the “humorous” quirky internal monologue coming from the canine star, only this time the story goes a little more Homeward Bound as Bella (voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard) is separated from her owner and makes a 400 mile journey to be reunited with him. It’s all a bit Saturday afternoon TV movie rather than big screen entertainment.

In Second Act the struggling Maya (Jennifer Lopez) lies on her CV and gets a highly paid job with a top company despite just actually still being “Jenny from the block” – all because background checks and references aren’t a thing in movies. J-Lo tries to prove her street smarts are as good as any college degree as she struggles through a formulaic yet incoherent comedy.

Clint Eastwood directs and stars in The Mule, based on the true story of Leo Sharp (Eastwood), the oldest drug mule in the world. After financial problems with his horticultural business Sharp is recruited through his day labourers to ship drugs for a Mexican cartel. Due to his age, clean record and demeanour he goes unnoticed for quite a while. As usual with Eastwood, the movie is shot brilliantly and looks great, and while he puts in a solid performance himself, things just don’t quite come together in the end.

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