Music Q&A: Tina Karol

The Ukrainian pop idol, who made her name on Eurovision and has released new UK single Sweet Love, tells us about her philanthropic mission to help kids with cancer

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What informs your music and songwriting?
Inspiration comes from nowhere. It is either there or not. Each song is filled with personal experience and emotions as a songwriter. Even when you work on a song with someone else and you need to build the arrangement and frame the song together, you still refer to what you feel, who you are, what feelings overwhelm you.

Describe the meaning behind the new single Sweet Love?
Female coquetry and playfulness, the desire to be liked by others!

How have you personally evolved as an artist over the years?
From a playful young girl to a romantic woman. Probably today I am more romantic and feminine than ever before.

What have you got coming up this year?
I want to discover new horizons of my sound this year. When you live in a non-EU country, you feel a wall to overcome. This year I want to give people more inspiration and to be there for those who need it.

Tell us your most embarrassing or surreal experience.
I’m absolutely shameless!

What song would you like to have written?
I Wanna Be Loved By You. Of course, I sing it for fun, but nevertheless, I should note that I have never heard so much feminine energy anywhere else from a song or performance.

Tell us a bit about your humanitarian work and your Polyus Prityazhenia project?
My foundation has existed since 2014. The mission of the foundation is to help children’s oncological hospitals of Ukraine. We do not collect money from third parties – the fund exists only at the expense of my own personal money. So far, the mission of the foundation has visited 27 cities of the country, some of them several times. We buy the necessary medicines and medical equipment and do repairs in hospitals. When I established the fund, I had the most important motivation to care. Having lived through this, I understand how lonely it feels for parents and children who are sick. I want to bring a little joy and care to their lives. My initiative is to inspire people to do good deeds.

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