Get on Board: Who Did It?

A kids card game to play for cheap laughs

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It must have been a slow day at the office when Blue Orange created Who Did It? to add to its stellar collection of board games. Taking inspiration from what kids like – animals – and what kids like to talk about – poo – this game is a quick card game for, you guessed it, kids.

In Who Did It? three to six players each have a set of their own pet cards. With six animals to defend, each player is trying to point the blame at someone else’s pet over who pooped in the living room.

A player will start by placing down a pet of their choice and exclaiming: “It was not my turtle that pooped in the living room, but I think it was someone’s hamster.” The rest of the group must then quickly find that pet in their hand and place it down before anyone else. The fastest player then gets a turn. “It was not my hamster that pooped in the living room, but I think it was someone’s fish.” And so on. The player with remaining cards at the end of the round gets a poop token. The game finishes when a player reaches the ultimate reward – three poop tokens. The player with the least poop tokens wins.

The game is perfect for children aged 6-10 but older kids will quickly grow bored of the basic gameplay. Adults will probably not take part other than to perhaps explain the rules. It’s a shame there isn’t a bit more strategy involved that could have pushed it to family game status. The European version comes in a neat, tidy box, whilst the American counterpart comes in an actual poop emoji bag.

Toilet humour inevitably gets kids giggling but it is hard to consider Who Did It? an essential game, especially when Blue Orange has produced brilliant and inventive games such as Photosynthesis and Kingdomino. Save this game for a rainy day. A really, really rainy day.

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