Q&A: David Mazouz

The Los Angeles-born 18 year old starred as Bruce Wayne in the DC Comics show Gotham, which just finished its fifth and last season

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Were you a big fan of Batman when you were younger? Did you grow up with the cartoons or comics?
I grew up with just the Christian Bale movies. They’re kind of sprinkled throughout my childhood. I think I was five, eight and 11 when they came out. I always love Batman – he was always my favourite superhero. It was because of the gadgets and how cool he was – he was like the epitome of cool. I always loved gadgets and playing walkie-talkies with my friends in my house, playing spies and stuff like that. But I didn’t read the comics until I actually got the role. Then I did everything. 

Was it daunting being so young when you started the show?
It wasn’t daunting, purely because I I had no idea what I was doing. I just didn’t realise the significance of this role. I was just like OK, I got a job. Yeah, I was nervous but just like I would’ve been nervous for any other job. I didn’t particularly feel any kind of external pressure to satisfy fans or to uphold or to do justice to this character. I really just was not thinking about that. I was thinking all right, they cast me, they must know what they’re doing. I’m just going to do what I did in the audition and hopefully it all works out. Well, I was nervous too to work with actors like Sean [Pertwee] and Ben McKenzie who had already been established and are known as talented, dedicated actors. But they were all so nice and it really was like one big family from the very beginning. It’s crazy thinking back to the first season – it’s weird to think about how long ago that was. 

What was your favourite scene in Gotham?
Such a hard question. It’s like a tie between the Matches Malone scene, the carnival scene and the party scene. The scene earlier in season four where Bruce is the billionaire brat, and he’s bidding with Barbara. The fight with Jeremiah in East Chemicals. 

What do you think of Robert Pattinson as the next Batman?
Is he still it? I heard that he backed out because of scheduling stuff. I mean, I’m very happy with it. I think he’s a great actor and I’ve seen him in stuff other than Twilight. I’m very excited. For me it’s hard to say I’m happy with it or I’m not happy with it because I haven’t seen it yet.

What was the last day on set like?
It was sad, but it was also really fun. We were shooting the Jim and Lee marriage. Everybody in the cast was there – we were all eating waffles, signing cards for everybody. Corey [Michael Smith] and Robin [Lord Taylor] got together and made calendars for everybody on set, so we were all signing them. It was just was a really nice day, full of camaraderie. 

Were there any mementos you kept from being on set?
Yes, I stole a Roman lamp from Wayne’s manor and it’s now my bedside lamp because I thought it was really cool. I probably shouldn’t be saying that when there’s cameras and mics pointed at me. 

So now Gotham’s over, what’s next for you?
It’s this little movie I’m working on – should take about four years to shoot – called college. Nah, that’s kind of my biggest priority right now. I’m still auditioning, still looking for work, but I have to pass on some things because I’m just not looking for anything long term right now. Nothing like Gotham, no network 22 episode things. They’re just not realistic when I want to go to college. So anything that might fit in a summer break or a really good something that I might want to take a quarter off for, I’d be more than happy to do. I definitely want to keep acting and I definitely want to act once I’m out of college but I want to take this opportunity while I’m this age to have this experience and further my education.

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