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Disney Colourbrain

Kids will love this Disney-themed game and grown-ups can give their memory a bit of a workout

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How to engage bored kids in a lockdown? Give them something they know inside out – Disney. Big Potato – expert in lively, fun and quirky tabletop games – adds a splash of colour and competition to the familiar theme for the deceptively simple Colourbrain.

It’s sort of quiz game, except the answers have already been given to you in the form of 11 coloured cards. Up to 20 people can play this game, but more usefully during a lockdown, as few as two can too. Each player has their own set and a question card is then presented for all to answer simultaneously. For example – what colour is the feather in Peter Pan’s hat? Easy! It’s orange… Or is it red? It could be yellow… You better work it out quickly – the first player to throw down their card of their chosen colour calls out “Colourbrain” and everyone else has 15 seconds to present their answer. The answer is revealed and the winner takes a point for every person who got the answer wrong.

Adding a layer of complication, not every question requires a one colour answer. – some require two or three. What colour is Mr Incredible’s original hero suit? Three colours – go! Not so straightforward anymore – one wrong colour will lose you the round. The first player to 10 point wins the game.

The question cards pretty much cover the history of cinematic Disney, including Pixar. Whether you were brought up on Golden Age Disney, or you are a Disney OG, everybody has a fighting chance – well, unless you’re in the presence of a fanatic. The game is suggested for kids aged eight plus but playing with a six year old posed no problems.

For the most part it’s pretty smooth gameplay. However a game can sometimes be over in a matter of minutes. Points can get rolled over throughout the rounds and the winner claims them all – with the goal being 10, this can be reached quickly. There is a tactical “steal” card though, which can scupper the leader. This card can only be used once by each player, however, and it might help the game along if the limit were raised to three.

From Cinderella to The Princess and the Frog, Toy Story to Inside Out, every Disney film is covered. Your kids will love it and it is oddly satisfying knowing your memory holds up. It’s equally frustrating however when you’re left scratching your head over the colour of Elsa’s coronation cape.

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