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Deceptively easy to learn but with vast scope for tactical intrigue, this is an addictive game

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There is a lot of slick and impressive design around in tabletop games at the moment. Developers are paying special attention to their tactile qualities and many feel like real collectors items. Not so much with OK Play. It’s nothing but multiple stacks of different coloured tiles. It doesn’t look or sound particularly interesting. But first impressions count for little here.

Games company Big Potato continues its mission to put out fresh, engaging games that get everyone involved. The premise of this tile game is simple. Up to four players take a coloured stack of tiles of their choice. One after the other, they place a tile down, connecting the edges to an already laid tile. The goal? Connect five in a row, whether they are in a straight line or diagonal. If every tile has been used and no one has been declared the winner, the game continues by moving a tile to a new location.

It couldn’t be an easier game to play. The instructions even say the rules can be learnt in 20 seconds, and that’s pretty accurate. However, the scope for tactics is vast, with a normal game taking around 15 minutes. Have a bunch of smarty-pants playing, you could be there for a lot longer.

The makers of OK Play have really thought about every aspect of the game beyond its playability. The design might look like a pre-school toy but it’s slick and functional – the brightly coloured tiles come attached to a small pole that keeps them all together. When required, the player gives a quick tug and a tile slides off. Even the poles have a stand they clip into – keeping the game tidy, compact and portable. It can be played anytime and anywhere.

What really makes this game intriguing is just how darn easy it is to learn and play. And it feels like you are playing something that should be old and timeless, like chess or draughts. Had the tiles been a wood effect you’d swear it would be a classic game you’re playing against your grandad. There are endless hours of fun to be had in this addictive little game – and you’d be hard pressed to refuse a quick round, or seven. OK? Play it right now.

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