Get on Board: Don't Get Got!

A marathon game of trickery and deception you can fit around lockdown duties

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Fancy playing a game that lasts all day long but doesn’t hinder you going about your day? Big Potato Games has got you covered – as long as you can deal with creeping paranoia and suspicion of everyone you’re playing against. There’s just one aim of this game of trickery and deception: Don’t Get Got!

Don’t Get Got! is a game in which players must keep quiet and make tactical manoeuvres to win. Up to eight players can take part in this contest of espionage. Each person gets given a plastic wallet, which they can fold up and keep in their pocket. Six unique mission cards are handed out to each person and inserted into their wallet. A player must complete three out of six missions first to win the game.

You can be as creative or as dirty as you like in completing missions, which are an interesting mix of easy ones like “Get a player to give you a hug” to the downright difficult – “Claim you saw someone famous the other day who is dead. Get a player to call you out on it.” If you succeed, you take your mission card and fold it in half with the side reading “Nailed it” and place it smugly back in your wallet. Sometimes strategies don’t always play out the way you intend. If a player calls you out on a mission you forfeit and turn your card to display “Failed it”.

With so many individual missions, no one knows what results in a win for someone else but there is one mission that all competitors share: ask a player “Guess what?” If they forget themselves and reply “What?” you can flip that mission card over and gloat. A great feature of this game is that there is no time limit. You can start this game and carry on playing other games if you want, or you can appease your kids by playing with them while still managing to juggle home schooling, home working and preparing dinner. It’s a race but a marathon, not a sprint.

Some missions are ridiculously hard and might not even be attempted. Having a point system might have combatted this, with the harder missions being worth more. And although the content is family friendly, younger children won’t fully grasp the subtleties of this game and will likely be a bit obvious, or rush through their missions. Overall, Don’t Get Got! is good, competitive fun. It is a fresh concept that can hopefully pave the way for future games of similar tactics.

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