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It's like a game show – but at home

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Confident? acts like a game show, with each contestant – I mean player – brandishing an answer board that acts just like one of those those dodgy screens given to television hopefuls in the nineties to display their dodgy handwriting and illegible workings-out.

The aim of this game is to guess a numerical range of a variety of general knowledge questions – for example: how many Portugals would fit inside Spain? Every player or team writes on their wipeable board what they think a logical range would be. At the same time, each team flips over their board to reveal their answers. A point is awarded to anyone whose range covers the answer. An additional three points are awarded to the person who has the smallest correct range, raising the stakes as players take increasingly daring chances to take the lead while risking being left with nothing at all. The first player/team to 15 points is declared the confident one.

Boosts can be strategically used to hasten your victory including: copy – gaining the points of the winner of the round; swap – swapping any two answer boards of your choice; and double – doubling that three pointer that you know you are about to gain. However, each boost can only be used once per game, so you must be careful when to deploy your tactics. There are 180 question cards in the box, so there is little chance of repetition and if you do you are unlikely to ever remember how much Scarlett Johansson earned in 2018 anyway.

The gameplay is basic and doesn’t offer much variety, but this is a straight-up party game that will be familiar and pleasing to all.

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