Get on Board: Weird Things Humans Search For

Real-life internet, straightforward and surreal, are the basis of a game that could be great for Zoom quizzes

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Why does my hair hurt? It’s a bizarre question, but if you have ever googled it then you’re not alone and you’re in for top marks in Big Potato’s party game Weird Things Humans Search For.

Taking 160 of the internet’s most wacky searches, players are charged with anticipating the top inquiries. Each round a player will become the search master and read one aloud – “Did the Titanic…?” for example – and every other player must now write down what they think the most searched for question is. They also get to write down additional answers to secure bonus points. When everyone is ready, the list of answers is read out.

If a player’s main answer was “sink” they bag themselves four points as it was the most searched for question. If their answer appears elsewhere on the list, a participant will earn themselves two points, plus an additional point if their bonus answer makes an appearance. Giggles are provoked by the obscurity of real life searches like “carry mayonnaise” but not all answers are daft. Obvious ones appear on the list, such as “hit an iceberg” or “break in half”, so it’s possible to rack up points using common sense or general knowledge.

After five rounds (or more if you fancy), the scores are added up and a winner is declared. There are no variations of the game – what you see is what you get – which makes the game very easy to play. But there isn’t a huge amount of replay value. It’s easily translated online so does make a great round in a Zoom quiz and, besides, you’re obviously dying to know what people had in mind when they typed: “Could a human fight a…?”

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