Get on Board: The Chameleon

Blend in to play this cunning game of espionage

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The Chameleon is a game of espionage for which you’ll need to perfect your poker face.

Between three and eight players are given a secret word to depict, except for the chameleon, who is unaware of the word but must attempt to blend in. For instance, if the secret word is “Cinderella”, a player could say “prince”, “stepmother”, even “Disney”, but answers shouldn’t be too precise – saying “glass slipper” would let the chameleon know exactly what the word is, resulting in their own answer being very convincing.

After each player has said an associated word everyone must point simultaneously at whom they believe the chameleon to be and the person with the most votes reveals if they are guilty or innocent. Points are scored by correct guesses and effective bluffing. The first to five points is the winner.

The Chameleon is right up there with the best deception games. Finding out you are the chameleon is such a buzz, and getting away with it is even better!

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