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World of Warcraft

Worlds collide in this refreshed version of popular board game Small World

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Small World was created back in 2009 and, thanks to its lush artwork and straightforward gameplay, became a staple addition to any gamer’s collection. After a decade, though, it was due a refresh, and developers have cleverly teamed up with the World of Warcraft franchise to do so.

World of Warcraft is a hugely popular online game that has had a big resurgence over the past year as the classic version got re-released and people’s avatars queued up in their droves just to start quests. With a multitude of character races and a vast landscape, WoW fits in perfectly with Small World’s fantasy concept.

In Small World of Warcraft up to five players try to dominate Azeroth, muscling their way into new territory. At the start of the game there are race tiles and special power tiles that get put together at random. Players will pay the required fee and take that race’s tiles. On each player’s turn they will place tiles down across the map, either taking control of unclaimed land or fighting off the enemy. At the end of each round a player receives a coin for every bit of land under their power. If your race has been wiped out or you want to change tactics then you can put your race in decline – this allows you to pick a different race and start anew. At the end of the final round all coins are added up and a winner is declared.

There is not a lot of difference between the original and this update in terms of actual gameplay. There are two extra races and some special powers have been replaced. More notably, the gaming board has been converted into individual islands, which are slightly smaller but do not hinder gameplay. However, the boards are also double-sided so do offer more variety. The rules are more concise and the artwork remains of the same high standard.

In all, Small World of Warcraft is a slightly more refined version of its original, but basically still the same game. It does include some of the extras that have been included in expansions over the years, but if you already own them too then it might not be worth the investment. If you are a collector or a WoW fan then this game is, without a doubt, a must. And fear not – you can pick whether you belong to the Horde or the Allcance, and there’ll be no waiting in queues to start your mission.

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