Medical abortion expands women’s rights in Argentina

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By Daniel Gutman
Dr. Viviana Mazur works at the Santojanni Hospital in Mataderos, a working-class neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. She has witnessed the advances in women’s rights in Argentina, where until 2020, abortion was only permitted on two grounds. It is now available on demand up to 14 weeks of pregnancy.
“Today, what we see at the hospital is that most women come in for a consultation very early; in many cases, they do so as soon as their period is late. This makes it possible to resolve almost all abortions with medication, in the woman’s own home, with medical advice and monitoring,” she said.
Mazur is also coordinator of Sexual Health in the Buenos Aires city government. She emphasised that are many advantages of medication abortion over the traditional surgical procedures. “It’s less traumatic and less risky for the woman and it’s less costly for the public health system,” she said.

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