Meet Irish Homeless Street Leagues goalkeeper Chantel Pearse

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Due to the Covid pandemic, the last Homeless World Cup took place in Cardiff, Wales in 2019. This year, it is set to take place in Sacramento, California, US from 8-15 July.
As a result of difficulties in security visas, Irish Homeless Street Leagues are only bringing a women’s team to the tournament.
Goalkeeper Chantel Pearse, 20, describes the opportunity to represent her country as a dream come true. “I’m hoping to get over there and win,” she says. “I have high hopes. It’s a really great opportunity for us going there. It’s something out of this world that you’d never expect to do – I’ve never been to America. It wouldn’t be something that’s feasible for me.
“We’d bring back the positivity but also bring back the skills and what we learnt from working with Street League and the training we do at an international level. Bring that back to a community basis and teach younger girls that there’s an opportunity at whatever age you are to get to that international level.
“Because that’s what we all want to do at the end of the day. To do the best we can.”

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