“They’re right here”: barriers to welcoming skilled workers to Germany

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By Jonas Füllner, Ulrich Jonas and Annette Woywoode
Germany is in desperate need of skilled workers. Hamburg-based street paper Hinz&Kunzt spoke to people who have come from abroad and could fill the gap – but face barriers to working in the country.
“Make it in Germany” has been the slogan of the German Federal Government for 10 years now as they attempt to attract skilled workers from abroad. Their campaign homepage is overloaded with the beaming faces of people who made it. Entering the country’s labour market seems to be straightforward. The reality is quite different.
Hinz&Kunzt met with some of the much-needed professionals from abroad who want to start working in Germany but are blocked by bureaucratic obstacles, including lack of recognition of their qualifications, too much paperwork, and insufficient support.
Advice is now being offered at the Welcome Centre in Hamburg (HWC) – but anyone needing an appointment will get one in the beginning of 2024 at the earliest.

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