Fedél Nélkül raises funds for outreach programme to celebrate milestone

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By Vilmos Molnar
Hungarian street paper Fedél Nélkül has been in operation for 30 years. To commemorate this special occasion, they launched a fundraising campaign for their programme “First Hand Information on Homelessness”.
Fedél Nélkül have run “First Hand Information on Homelessness” (FHIH) since 2009, helping people experiencing homelessness to share their personal stories. The direct encounters and authenticity of lived experiences have a profound impact on audiences and speakers alike.
Fedél Nélkül vendor Gyula Balog has run the programme since its inception. In 2009, one of his regular customers, a secondary school teacher, approached him with a unique proposal: to speak to his students about his life, including his struggles with homelessness. This encounter deeply impacted both Gyula and the students.
As a result, Gyula, in collaboration with the editors of Fedél Nélkül, created FHIH. The programme has since evolved to include additional components, such as roleplaying games, living libraries and city walks. To date, it has provided insights to more than 30,000 students in numerous educational institutions through the contributions of over 200 speakers.

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