Liceulice vendor Stefan Radojičić: “I find happiness in love”

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Interview by Milica Terzić
Stefan Radojičić, 30, sells Liceulice in the centre of Belgrade, in cooperation with the Serbian association Živimo zajedno (“We live together”), which has been helping children and young people with developmental disabilities for decades. Stefan is also an ardent athlete. He especially likes to play volleyball and is proud that Živimo zajedno won the plaque of the Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities in Belgrade.
I spend time at the association Živimo zajedno every day. We have a lot of workshops here – we dance, sing, recycle and stack bottles. I like playing sports the most; I have won six tournaments in various sports – darts, chess – and I also play pool. Chess is very difficult; you need to think, and you need to have steady nerves. But most of all I like playing volleyball.
I have been playing since high school. In fact, my girlfriend Jovana fell in love with me when she saw me play. After that, we met at the association and have been together since last September.
Currently, I’m helping others to learn how to play volleyball. I’m the assistant coach at our club. My unfulfilled wish is for us to win a volleyball tournament as a team. It would be our rehearsal for playing in the Special Olympics a few years down the line, in time to get our jerseys and do all the check-ups. We all hope to succeed.

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