Inside Hamburg’s new accommodation programme

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By Ulrich Jonas
Hamburg has recently launched a model project for immigrants from the European Union experiencing homelessness. Although the hurdles to access are high, the project aims to help participants to re-enter the labour market and move into housing of their own.
Radoslaw has one wish above all: a quiet place to sleep.
The 40-year-old works for a horticultural company through a temporary employment agency. He gets up early in the morning, takes a tram halfway across the city and trudges over the cobbles. If he could, he would love to sleep in his own bed at the end of a long day.
But Radoslaw, who is Polish and has a high school diploma, has nowhere to call his own, having been evicted from his previous flat in March and lacking the finance to rent somewhere new. He now spends his nights in the Pik As homeless emergency shelter, sharing a room with seven others.

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