Friends furever: Big Issue Australia vendors and their pets

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When they’re not selling you copies of The Big Issue, many vendors spend time hanging out with their furry (or feathery) friends. The Big Issue Australia asked three of them what’s so special about their pets.
Murray and Soxy (Jamison GPO, Canberra)
Soxy is a full-bred terrier. She’s a great dog. I’ve had her since she was about five. Now she’s 17. I got her from an old couple who were going into a nursing home and had to give her up. They gave her to me for free.
The first time I brought her home, she had a look around, a sniff around the new place, you know – different things. It was good.
I had dogs when I was younger, with my family. We had German shepherds. I used to have a pet bird. Soxy has her own personality. She barks at all the carers when she wants food. She’s got the carers wrapped around her little paw! They all love her.
Soxy loves to eat anything – anything and everything! She’s got her treats: Schmackos, and little bone treats.
She’s a companion and good company. I take her everywhere with me, on my wheelchair. She’s very attached and wants to go everywhere. She comes with me when I sell The Big Issue, in summer more than winter. People come up and give her a pat, and they tend to buy a magazine. It’s good to have a chat, good to talk to different people.
My favourite thing about Soxy is that she’s very protective of me and my carers. I think she thinks she’s the leader of the pack. I know she is!

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