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Angarad, Liverpool

Taking inspiration from the weekly vendor profiles that appear in Big Issue North, we spoke to Angarad, who works as a Service Coordinator, to see what life’s like from the other side of the counter.

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Why did you decide to work for Big Issue North?
Because I was passionate about working with vulnerable adults, especially those who have been effected by homelessness. Big Issue North gives those who have no other options a chance of employment and support.

What are the most rewarding elements of your job?
I have learnt most whilst in the role how much one chat can make a big impact on someone. Especially when suffering with mental health issues, showing someone that you care about what they are going through is so important.

What do you find most challenging about your role?
That you can’t help everybody, you want to see every person get off the streets and back into work, but this simply isn’t possible. You can become frustrated with the system and how it leaves so many without.

What has been the most touching moment that you have experienced during your time with Big Issue North?
Watching one of Liverpool’s longest serving vendors decide to take the plunge and head to rehab. After over 20 years of working for Big Issue North he decided it was his time to take a chance to turn his life around. Hearing him chat about how well he is doing, after just a few short weeks has been one of the biggest positives to the role. It’s been such a lovely experience to have right at the end of my time here.

What would you say to people haven’t bought a street paper before?
Before I worked for Big issue North I had no idea how much confidence and support vendors receive by you spending your £2.50 on a magazine. Go and buy one, have a chat and leave with the thought you have made a difference no matter how small.

Is it important that people who buy the magazine take it?
Vendors are working, selling the magazine is there job, you wouldn’t go into Costa and not take your coffee. In the long run not taking the magazine does more harm than good.

Do you have a favourite edition of Big Issue North?
Any copy with a feature of a Liverpool vendor makes me proud!! Any vendor Q&A for that matter! For someone to be so open and honest about their story in black and white for everyone to see deserves to be commended.

What will you miss most about working for Big Issue North?
The lovely team of people I have worked with over the year, you have been my support and Liverpool family.

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Angarad, Liverpool

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