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Darlington-based trio Kickshaws have their debut EP Ghosts Of Panama out now. Having got to the final of a Kerrang! Unsigned competition, singer Chris Davison explains why they’re taking it more seriously.

Why did you choose to do an EP? 

The last time I recorded a full album with my old band it got to a point where it became too much of a chore. I started losing the plot a bit and began hating the songs. It just felt it was never going to end. So this time round we’ve kind of been recording one song at a time and getting them done one at a time as opposed to having 15 songs on the go all at once. It’s a lot less stressful.

What drew the three of you together and have you always been a three-piece? 

I’ve always loved being in little power trios. I think the main reason is I’ve never found another guitarist I can really gel with – and you know that old saying about to many cooks…? We’ve toyed with the idea of maybe getting a synth player to come out with us live, but to be honest I think we can pull that stuff off by being really loud and triggering the odd sample here and there.

Who do you really adore and who would you like to share a stage/tour with?

At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Karnivool, who are an absolutely amazing progressive band from Australia. There’s so much good music out there if you put down your NME and go hunting round Bandcamp and Last FM.

How did the Kerrang! Unsigned competition come about and did it raise your profile?

I saw it advertised on Facebook. We sent them the first track we ever recorded (Ghosts Of Panama) and got a call back from Kerrang! who really liked the track and told us we were down to the last 16. It didn’t half give us a kick up the ass.

There’s a bit in The Essence of It All that sounds like Push It by Salt-n-Pepa. Is that deliberate?

Subliminally I guess. Initially when I wrote that I kept thinking: “Who am I ripping off here?” It makes me laugh because it’s such a serious song. Hopefully they won’t mind too much and if they do they will have to sue me. But good luck to them because at this moment I currently have £40 to my name.

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