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Nearly a decade on from first finding fame, following a hiatus, solo projects and baby making, frontman Romeo Stodart talks ahead of their tour.

How has your music developed since your last album?
It’s developed in the way that I hoped it would, in the studio and as a live band. Our playing has gotten much more confident and it shows on this new record [Alias]. We have captured that spirit of a live show, the energy and excitement. I also feel that I’ve really grown as a songwriter. There are quite a few songs on this new album that I think are the best I’ve ever written.

Your first couple of singles were really catchy and perfect pop songs. Did you find it difficult to move on from them?
No, I’m very proud of those songs, but not every record you want to revisit what you’ve done before. Most of the time when you commence a new project you tend to react against what you’ve just created so you feel like you’re evolving as an artist.

How does the family dynamic work in the band?
It works instinctively. Nothing ever feels forced – that’s pretty much the key. We’re also very lucky that everyone accepts each other for who we are, knowing each other’s flaws. Of course we fight like any other family but it’s usually in the best interest of the band, plus thankfully my sister is the best bass player in the world, so that helps.

When you emerged you got a bit of flack because you didn’t look like a conventional pop band – walking out of your TOTP debut. Is the industry less shallow in 2014?
We aren’t a conventional pop band so I suppose the way we look reflects that. I think we look great as a group. We are two families who make timeless classic rock ‘n’ roll. Who wants to conform to some sort of acceptable look anyway? Individuality and going against the grain should always be encouraged. I can see there’s been a slight shift from when we arrived on the scene but everything comes and goes in waves. The entertainment industry has always been an unforgiving beast and the media more so. Thankfully music always prevails.


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