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Giving us a break from the cold, miserable weather and bleak news that seems to keep rolling in, Disney’s Moana is a much-needed dose of summer. Set in the Pacific Islands, the movie is a bright, fun, warm and lush family adventure about a girl and a demi-god who must restore balance to the world. Paying attention to the mythology and culture of Polynesia, Moana has very much departed from traditional Disney, but still manages to deliver its trademark magic, with catchy music, great story telling and lovable characters.

In January 2009 Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger famously landed his plane in the Hudson river after it struck a flock of geese shortly after take off, saving the lives of those onboard. Tom Hanks stars as the heroic pilot in Sully, which revolves more around the aftermath of the incident, his PTSD, the initial investigation that tries to deem the incident as pilot error and the following public hearing. A strange mix of a docudrama, it’s a feelgood disaster movie with a happy ending. Sully is well made and makes for compelling viewing – just maybe not for those with a fear of flying.

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