End Credits: Logan, Fist Fight

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In what is reported to be his last appearance as the X-Men’s Wolverine, Hugh Jackman returns to the role in Logan. Taking influence from Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan comics, a past-his-prime Logan, covered in scars and in pain, cares for 90-year-old Professor X near the Mexican border. The discovery of a new young mutant with abilities similar to that of Wolverines brings the pair out of hiding. Taking a darker tone than the rest of the X-Men and Wolverine movies, Logan promises to be an exciting and emotional end to Jackman’s ninth time in the role that has seen him though the past 17 years.

After being ratted out for bad behaviour, a high school bully challenges a smaller weaker kid to a fight after school. Only thing is the “kids” in question are actually the teachers. Fist Fight stars Charlie Day and Ice Cube as the rival teachers in a comedy that pulls no punches.

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