End Credits: Robin Hood

Plus: The Girl in the Spider's Web, Assassination Nation, Nativity Rocks!

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There are quite a few new movies to look out for this week. First up is probably going to be the biggest whether you like it or not – Robin Hood. There have been countless films about the infamous Robin of Loxley. There was Errol Flynn’s classic, then the ballad-churning Prince of Thieves, the foxy Disney animation and the slapstick spoof in tights but for every memorable movie there are countless forgotten versions – that one with Russell Crowe? Or Keira Knightley in Princess of Thieves?

This Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx starring gritty reboot will surely be a thrill ride. Whether you’re excited for this or not, you may be interested to hear that there are apparently seven other versions of Robin Hood in the works, from the futuristic and fantasy to a Maid Marian movie starring Margot Robbie.

Even more confusing is the new film based on Stieg Larsson’s Millennium (aka the girl with/who) series. We’ve had Swedish film versions of the first three books: Dragon Tattoo, Fire, and Hornet’s Nest and an American reboot of the first book. Now the new film The Girl in the Spider’s Web, which is the fourth book, actually sequels the first film, but skips the second and third books and reboots the cast. Got it? No? Me neither.

Assassination Nation may have a mouthful of a title, but this gritty mystery drama has more going on than it would seem. An anonymous hacker posts private details, pictures and digital footprints of everyone in a small American town. With their private lives exposed people become angry and the town descends into chaos. Rather than being just a The Purge-esque violent free-for-all, the movie is far more political and charged for the current state of the world.

Last up, and things finally get simple. Brit festive comedy series Nativity gets a fourth installment with Nativity Rocks!, where the kids have to perform a Christmas rock opera. It’s exactly as cringe-worthy as it sounds. The awful series has a Rotten Tomatoes steady decline dropping about 20% rating per film, starting at 48% dropping to 36% for the second and just 16% for the third film, setting this on target for -4%, which from the trailer would be generous.

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