Bogota, Colombia welcomes Venezuelans

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ByJaime Rodríguez Oviedo and Laura Piraján Forero
Colombia is proving fertile ground for migrants from other Latin American countries to start a new life. Betsy, a Venezuelan woman who moved to Bogota to improve her quality of life, told Colombian street paper La Calle more.
Five years ago, Betsy* made the decision to leave her home city of Merida in north-west Venezuela for Bogota, Columbia. “When I realised that my wage would not even cover two dozen or so eggs, I told my mother that I could not do this anymore and I left,” she says.
She now works with her husband in a bakery that she co-owns with her brother-in-law. “I had come to Bogota on a trip because I had been told it was a very beautiful city, but I never imagined that I would end up living here. I believe that fate had been preparing me to arrive in the place where I would later make my new home.”
Her arrival to the capital was unplanned. Due to the Venezuelan economic and social crisis, she entered the country with no money or possessions. “The only thing that I had on my mind was bringing a hot dog cart so I could work, because I could not stay and do nothing.”

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