Episode Three: Hayden and Darren’s story

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Hayden and Darren are father and son. Between them, they’ve experienced life in working-class Manchester over the last five decades, through music, using and dealing drugs to make ends meet, the inevitable brushes with the criminal justice system, and gradual change and redemption. As they share their story, Hayden tells Anon how a desire to rebuild his family – and give a different life for his grandson – has helped him turn his life around, while Darren talks about his relationship with an absent father, following in Hayden’s footsteps, and the ongoing battle to put the past behind him.

Interact: Responses to Episode Three: Hayden and Darren’s story

  • Tommy
    26 Jun 2018 12:46
    Another highlight of a big issue vendor. Keep up with the podcasts.

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